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Prof. Dr. Stefan Weyer

Leiter Abteilung Geochemie
Institut für Mineralogie
Leibniz Universität Hannover
Callinstr. 3
Raum: 2511-222

Telefon:+49 (0)511 762-2933
Fax:+49 (0)511 762-3045

Bild von Prof. Dr. Stefan Weyer

Forschungsgebiete (research interests)

  • Geochemical Processes in the Earth’s Mantle
  • Formation and Evolution of the Early Solar System
  • Evolution of the Earth Early Atmosphere and Oceans
  • Time Constraints on Geochemical Processes (geochronology)
  • Application of Stabile Isotopes in Environmental Geochemistry and Deposit Formation
  • Mechanisms of Isotope Fractionation in High- and Low Temperatures Environments
  • Development of New Analytical Methods in Mass Spectrometry and Isotope Geochemistry

Geförderte Projekte (currently funded projects)

  • Weyer, S.: Nuclear sources and the age of the solar system: U isotope variations in meteorite components. SPP-1385 (The first 10 Ma of the solar system)
  • Weyer, S., Dohmen, R., Horn, I.: Non-traditional stable isotope fractionation during magmatic differentiation: In situ Fe-Mg-isotope analyses of phenocrysts by femtosecond laser ablation MC-ICP-MS. (DFG, IODP program)
  • Weyer, S., Horn, I., Melcher, F.: The role of the fluid composition in the formation of hydrothermal Cu-Au ores: Insights from in situ analyses of fluid inclusions and Cu-Zn isotope compositions of sulfides by Femto second LA-(MC)-ICP-MS. (graduate school, Geoflux)
  • Holtz, Weyer, Oberthür: Mobility of metals (Au, Cu) in fluids and partitioning between hydrous fluids and solid phases: experimental investigation (graduate school, Geoflux)
  • Lehmann, B., Weyer, S.: The formation of high-grade Precambrian iron ore deposits: Banded Iron Formation of Carajás, Brazil (graduate school, Geoflux)
  • Kuhn, Weyer,  Lückge, Schippers: The Role of biological processes in the formation of polymetallic nodules (graduate school, Geoflux)

Lehrveranstaltungen - Teaching

  • Geochemie
  • Isotopengeochemie
  • Massenspektrometrie
  • System Erde

Ausbildung (education)

  • 2008: Habilitation in Mineralogy and Geochemistry, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt
  • 1997-2001: PhD (Dr. rer. nat.), Universität Münster und Max Plack Institut Mainz
  • 1990- 1996 Study of mineralogy and geology, Universität Mainz, Diplom in Mineralogy

Beruflicher Werdegang (appointments)

  • since August 2010 Professor of geochemistry at the Leibniz University Hannover
  • 2009-2010 Senior Researcher and Lab manager at the Universität zu Köln
  • 2008-2009 Senior Researcher at the Goethe-Universität Frankfurt.
  • 2002-2008 Juniorprofessor for isotope geochemistry at the Goethe-Universität Frankfurt.
  • 2006-2007 Research stay at the Arizona State University, Tempe, USA
  • 2000-2002 Application Specialist for ThermoFinnigan, Bremen, Germany