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The role of volatiles in the formation of magmatic iron oxide deposits

Leitung:Dr. Hou Tong
Laufzeit:2 years
Förderung durch:Marie-Curie Research Fellow, Individual Fellowships (European Fellowship)

The formation of magmatic iron oxide deposit is closely related to the role of volatiles in magmas, especially in low-Timagmatic systems (Kiruna-type). Volatiles have strong effect on phase equilibria, saturation of Fe-Ti oxides, and liquidimmiscibility. They also control the magmatic-hydrothermal transition with implications for the remobilization of somestrategic elements (P, Au, Cu, REE) by fluids. Volatiles are thus key components for the relation between Kiruna-type oresand Iron Oxides Copper Gold deposits. This project is an attempt to constrain experimentally the role of volatiles in magmasrelated to the formation of Kiruna-type iron deposits. We will study the development of liquid and fluid immiscibility, majorand trace element partitioning between melts and fluids, and iron isotopes fractionation between minerals, silicate melts andfluids. The study will benefit from unique high pressure experimental and UV-femtosecond laser ablation-ICP-MS analyticalfacilities developed in Hannover. The objective is to constrain the conditions and the processes responsible for theconcentration of iron in low-Ti volatile-rich magmatic systems and to identify the key-factors responsible for the enrichment ofelements of economic interest.