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Impedance Spectroscopy


A small AC-voltage is applied on solid materials using a Novocontrol Alpha-Analyzer in the frequency range of 1 MHz down to 10-3 Hz to determine the dielectric properties of the material by measuring the resulting electrical current. A Novocontrol ZG4 connection unit allows the 4-point-probe of dielectric sample characteristics. A high temperature sample holder in combination with a Nabertherm tube furnace, offers the possibility of temperature depending measurements from 20 °C to 1000 °C.


Determination of dielectric properties of solids in a wide conductivity range, for example ionic conductivities, activation energies and diffusion coefficients for glasses and crystalline materials.


Welsch, A.-M., Behrens, H., Horn, I., Roß, S., Heitjans, P.  (2012): Self-Diffusion of Lithium in LiAlSi2O6 Glasses Studied Using Mass Spectrometry , Physical Chemistry, Vol. 116, pp. 309-318.