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The interior of the earth as unraveled by simulations at high pressure and high temperature

  • Autoclaves and high-pressure laboratory experiments
  • Modeling of igneous and volcanic processes

Earth science material research: Physics and chemistry of minerals

  • Electron microscopy
  • X-ray diffraction
  • spectroscopy

Synthesis and structure property relations of crystalline solids


 Applied material synthesis for

  • supra conductors
  • ceramics
  • catalytic converters

Material properties of synthetic glasses

  • Structure and flow behavior of melts
  • Gases in melts and their control of volcanic eruptions
  • From melts to industrial glasses

Development of new analytical tools in isotope geochemistry

  • in situ isotope analyses with femtosecond laser ablation MC-ICP-MS
  • high precision isotope analyses of transition metals with HR-MC-ICP-MS

Application of non-traditional stable isotope systems

  • geochemistry of transition metals
  • redox evolution of the oceans
  • evolution of magmatic systems
  • Early Earth and Solar System