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Clean laboratory

Clean laboratory & microwave digestion system (room 224)
Clean laboratory: balance working place (room 223)

- 5 separate clean air-working places, which were installed by MK-Versuchsanlagen in 2002, and modernized in 2016 by Arias GmbH. Each hood is equipped with a set of three pipettes (BioHit; 20 -200 µL, 100 - 1000 µL, 500 - 5000 µL).

- 2 separate hoods with two PicoTrace hotplates each for sample digestions. A third hood is equipped with a PicoTrace hot plate for use in combination with the PicoTrace DAS high-pressure high-temperature digestion system for temperatures of up to 230 °C. This system can handle also perchloric acid which is neutralized in an acid neutralization stage.

The eight hot plates are programmable via Arias control units (including heating and cooling ramps, and defined run times).

- 2 separate systems providing pure water of 18.2 MΩ grade (Millipore Milli-Q Reference and Advantage systems, respectively)

- 2 stills for production of low-blank HNO3 (quartz glass still) and HCl (PicoTrace cupola still system)

- HF of suprapure grade is obtained from a commercial provider

- Microwave digestion system MLS Start + Terminal 640. Programmable for up to 12 samples, vials made of Teflon® or quartz glass can be employed. An acid neutralization stage can be connected to the microwave if required.

- programmable centrifuge, max. 5000 rpm / 4472 g (type 3-15, Sigma Laboratory Centrifuges) - programmable heated ultrasound bath (water temperature adjustable from 20 to 80 °C) (Omnilab)

- 2 balances: Sartorius CP2201-OCE (max. 2.2 kg), and Sartorius CP225D-OCE (max. 220 g), located in a separate hood, which is equipped with a set of 3 pipettes (BioHit) and an ionisator (Sartorius)

- 4-channel peristaltic pump (Masterflex system, Cole-Parmer Instrument Company)

- programmable overhead shaker which can hold sample tubes with volumes of 15 or 50 mL, respectively (Intelli-Mixer RM-2 system, Labortechnik)

- low-pressure filtration system for aqueous samples (Sartorius, system 16510)


We currently offer purification procedures for Li, Mg, V, Fe, Cu, Zn, Sr, Mo, Nd, Hf, Pb, and U isotope analyses.

Contact: S. Schuth (lab manager), A. Tangen (lab technician)

Clean laboratory & acid stills (room 222)