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X-ray powder diffraction

Diffractometer “Bruker D4 Endeavor”


X-ray powder diffraction is used for qualitative and quantitative phase analysis of powdery samples for scientific material-analysis. For this purpose two modern diffractometer “Bruker D4 Endeavor” and “Bruker D8 Advance” are available. The D4 Endeavor is characterised by its ease of use and its high sample effort, while the D8 Advance can be used for special tasks, like small angle diffraction and temperature-depending diffraction.

Diffractometer "Brucker D8 Advance"


Identification of powdery materials, analysis of single phase samples and mixtures of different phases, determination of crystallinity, lattice parameters and crystal structures (atom positions, bond lengths and bond angles) of solid-state materials in geosciences, civil engineering and cultural heritage preservation.


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