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At the institute three FTIR-spectrometers are available:

  • Bruker Vertex 80v: spectral range 50-30000 cm-1
  • Bruker IFS66v: spectral range 50-10000 cm-1, it has additionally a Raman-module FRA 106 with NdYag-laser (1000 nm) fitted. In addition, it is possible to measure temperature-dependent up to 600°C with a special sampleholder/oven-combination
  • Bruker IFS88: spectral range 50-30000 cm-1, it is equipped with an IR microscope II. In addition it can be used with an heating/cooling stage in the temperature-range from -196 to 600°C or an high-temperature-heating-stage up to 1200°C.


Qualitative and quantitative analyses of chemical compounds, structure determination, determination of water content, phase transitions and temperature-dependence of chemical reactions