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Raman Spektroskopie



  • The Bruker Senterra Raman spectrometer is predominantly designed as an high-performance analytical instrument. It is equipped with an Olympus BX series with the FlexFocus™ system for confocal debth profiling and a set of objectives with long and short working distances. The CCD is an ANDOR DU420-OE with a thermoelectric cooling system with the  highest sensitivity between 400 – 900 nm.
  • This instrument has the automated SureCal® internal standard calibration system that enables high precision and experimental accuracy by simulateneous collecting the Raman spectra of the sample and the combined Ne/laser which are all then split for collection on different CCD areas. By continuous high precision Ne/laser peak analyses the experimental accuracy is maintained.  The frequency accuracy is ~0.1 cm-1 and the spectral resolution <3 cm-1.
  • It operates with three laser excitation wavelengths: 785, 633 and 532 nm and has an automatic fluorescence rejection via the SERDS (Shifted Excitation Raman Difference Spectroscopy) method. With the Rayleigh cut-off at as low as 50 cm-1 with this machine a large spectral range can be covered while maintaining the precision and accuracy.