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Melele, SJK, Tchakouté, HK, Banenzoué, C, Hseumou, EL, Nanseu-Njiki, CP & Rüscher, CH 2022, 'Pore Analysis and the Behaviour of the Unreacted Metakaolin Particles in the Networks of Geopolymer Cements Using Metakaolins From Kaolinitic and Halloysitic Clays', Silicon, Jg. 14, Nr. 5, S. 2235-2247.

Müller, S, Garbe-Schönberg, D, Koepke, J & Hoernle, K 2022, 'A Reference Section Through Fast-Spread Lower Oceanic Crust, Wadi Gideah, Samail Ophiolite (Sultanate of Oman): Trace Element Systematics and REE Crystallization Temperatures—Implications for Hybrid Crustal Accretion', Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, Jg. 127, Nr. 3, e2021JB022699.

Müller, R, Behrens, H, Agea-Blanco, B, Reinsch, S & Wirth, T 2022, 'Foaming Species and Trapping Mechanisms in Barium Silicate Glass Sealants', Advanced engineering materials, Jg. 24, Nr. 6, 2100445.

Ngnintedem, DLV, Lampe, M, Tchakouté, HK & Rüscher, CH 2022, 'Effects of Iron Minerals on the Compressive Strengths and Microstructural Properties of Metakaolin-Based Geopolymer Materials', Gels, Jg. 8, Nr. 8, 525.

Pan, Z, Roebbert, Y, Beck, A, Bartova, B, Vitova, T, Weyer, S & Bernier-Latmani, R 2022, 'Persistence of the Isotopic Signature of Pentavalent Uranium in Magnetite', Environmental Science and Technology, Jg. 56, Nr. 3, S. 1753-1762.

Pieterek, B, Ciazela, J, Boulanger, M, Lazarov, M, Wegorzewski, AV, Pańczyk, M, Strauss, H, Dick, HJB, Muszyński, A, Koepke, J, Kuhn, T, Czupyt, Z & France, L 2022, 'Sulfide enrichment along igneous layer boundaries in the lower oceanic crust: IODP Hole U1473A, Atlantis Bank, Southwest Indian Ridge', Geochimica et cosmochimica acta, Jg. 320, S. 179-206.


Pisello, A, De Angelis, S, Ferrari, M, Porreca, M, Vetere, FP, Behrens, H, De Sanctis, MC & Perugini, D 2022, 'Visible and near-InfraRed (VNIR) reflectance of silicate glasses: Characterization of a featureless spectrum and implications for planetary geology', ICARUS, Jg. 374, 114801.

Reger, PM, Roebbert, Y, Neumann, W, Gannoun, A, Regelous, M, Schwarz, WH, Ludwig, T, Trieloff, M, Weyer, S & Bouvier, A 2023, 'Al-Mg and U-Pb chronological records of Erg Chech 002 ungrouped achondrite meteorite', Geochimica et cosmochimica acta, Jg. 343, S. 33-48.

Riyap, HI, Ngongang, BK, Tchakouté, HK, Nanseu-Njiki, CP & Rüscher, CH 2022, 'Compressive Strengths and Microstructural Properties of Geopolymeric Materials Arising from the Addition of Semi-crystalline Alumina to Silica-rich Aluminosilicate Sources', Silicon, Jg. 14, Nr. 16, S. 10535-10558.

Rüscher, CH, Schomborg, L & Bredow, T 2022, 'Experiments on the thermal activation of hydrogen release of NaBH4-sodalites characterized by IR- and MAS-NMR spectroscopy', International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Jg. 47, Nr. 85, S. 36175-36189.

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