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Hohl, SV, Lin, Y-B, Wei, H-Z, Wei, G-Y & Viehmann, S 2024, 'Barium isotopes in stromatolites through deep-time: A novel tracer for metal cycling in the photic zone', Earth and Planetary Science Letters, Jg. 632, 118639.
Rice, AHN, Viehmann, S, Peng, Y & Bao, H 2024, 'Sedimentary environment of basal Ediacaran barite growth on Baltica in E. Finnmark, N. Norway, and subsequent dissolution/reprecipitation', Precambrian research, Jg. 406, Nr. 107384, 107384.
Wainwright, A, Debaille, V, Hoffmann, JE, Viehmann, S & Bau, M 2024, 'Neoarchean marine chemical sediments as archives of Hadean silicate differentiation', Geochemical Perspectives Letters, Jg. 30, Nr. 30, 30, S. 46-50.


Hu, Z, Hohl, SV, Viehmann, S, Meister, P & Tepe, N 2023, 'No biological effect on magnesium isotope fractionation during stromatolite growth', Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, Jg. 358, S. 1-11.
Marin, CS, Jäger, O, Tusch, J, Viehmann, S, Surma, J, Van Kranendonk, M & Münker, C 2023, 'Interstitial carbonates in pillowed metabasaltic rocks from the Pilbara Craton, Western Australia: A vestige of Archean seawater chemistry and seawater-rock interactions', Precambrian research, Jg. 394, 107109.
Stüeken, EE, Viehmann, S & Hohl, SV 2023, 'Exploring the Effects of Residence Time on the Utility of Stable Isotopes and S/C Ratios as Proxies for Ocean Connectivity', ACS Earth and Space Chemistry, Jg. 7, Nr. 7, S. 1337–1349.
Viehmann, S, Kujawa, R, Hohl, SV, Tepe, N, Rodler, AS, Hofmann, T & Draganits, E 2023, 'Stromatolitic carbonates from the Middle Miocene of the western Pannonian Basin reflect trace metal availability in microbial habitats during the Badenian Salinity Crisis', Chemical Geology, Jg. 618, 121301.


Bau, M, Frei, R, Garbe-Schönberg, D & Viehmann, S 2022, 'High-resolution Ge-Si-Fe, Cr isotope and Th-U data for the Neoarchean Temagami BIF, Canada, suggest primary origin of BIF bands and oxidative terrestrial weathering 2.7 Ga ago', Earth and Planetary Science Letters, Jg. 589, 117579.
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Hohl, SV, Jiang, SY, Becker, H, Wei, HZ, Wei, GY, Xu, J, Guo, Q, Viehmann, S & van Acken, D 2022, 'Spatiotemporal evolution of late Neoproterozoic marine environments on the Yangtze Platform (South China): Linking continental weathering and marine C-P cycles', Global and planetary change, Jg. 216, 103927.